About us

We Are What We Manufacture

Ashok Griha Udyog Kendra(P) Ltd originated in 1957 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. It ushered in a new era for both Grounded and Whole Authentic Indian Spices. Through the dedication and relentless efforts, the group only saw success in the following years.
Sustained quality standards enabled the group to spread its distribution network throughout the Indian subcontinents and enhanced its corporate leadership. Pickles is our traditional food. Human beings have become very much cautious in using the eatables in present age, because of being health conscious and that is why guarantee of purity is needed. After establishing Ashok Masale, the flagship brand of the group, Ashok Grih Udyog launched B. B. Fruiterian Products in 1975, keeping the above object in mind.


“Navrang” is the brand that floods the market both Indian and International with Mustard Oil based Pickle preparations that includes Mango, Mixed, Taint, Ginger, Amla, Red Stuff Chillies, Green Chillies, Lemon Chillies etc. All these varieties are known for their quality, purity, taste and mass base of customer
The company was established so the consumers may enjoy the taste of pure pickles in the form of “Navrang Achar” All the products of B. B. Fruiterian Products, have established its superiority and purity and touch during these 37 years interval. Navrang has shined as a trustworthy brand in every corner of
India. The principal reason of its reliability is due to the use of Ashok Masale and pure Mustard Oil, which gives a unique taste to Navrang Achar.

The power of quality have to spread far wide and today, the company caters to millions of customers both in India and abroad who are health conscious and have typical Indian authentic taste of their own. Over 500 distributors and more than 30,000 retailers spread all over the country to ensure continuous availability of “Navrang Achar” to the customers.

Pickles are originally an Indian cuisine taste. So highly skilled connoisseurs of “Navrang Achar” choose and pick the rarest vegetable and fruits straight from the centers where they are grown without depending on open market (as opposed to conventional methods of procuring from open markets adapted by the most of the manufacturers) and avoid unscrupulous agents and adulteration.


Goals & Vision

The product is manufactured under strict quality controls and in very hygienic conditions in automatic plants with the sterilization of the packing bottles at all level. “Navrang Achar” is the largest ever group to get the symbol FPO for the purity and excellence in quality, given by Food Preservation Organization.

“Navrang Achar’s” dominate the market because of its preparation an Agmark Mustard Oil and choicest garden fresh fruits and vegetables. Spices are the life blood of pickles and so best quality Agmark Ashok Spices are used in their

Maintaining hygienic and quality product of Navrang Achar our institution is also manufacturing other products Pickle – Tickle (Pickle in the form of Pest), White Vinegar, Sugar Cane Vinegar, Jamun Vinegar, Soya Sauce, Black Salt etc., for our consumers, in a continuous chain.